Top 10 Best TV Remotes for Seniors in 2022

Do Seniors Need a Special TV Remote Control? Seniors statistically watch the most television of all age groups, more than 5 hours a day.

For seniors who have mobility issues, home entertainment is essential for their age. So if you are having trouble getting around or getting on and off, the remote control is even more crucial for you. But you need the right kind of TV remote control which can be the perfect solution to this modern problem.

You may be looking for an option that works like a universal remote control for the elderly. What you need is there. We have analyzed many types of television remote controls for the elderly and have summarized the top 10 best TV remotes for seniors. Let’s start!


1. Tek Pal – Large Button TV Remote Control:

The Tek-Pal universal remote control has been designed to be the easiest to use and view for a universal television remote control. With only 6 buttons, large and bright, this palm-sized remote control makes it easy to turn your TV on or off, adjust the volume and change channels. No more acute arthritis pain due to the use of smaller button remotes.

It is a Large, simple remote control for anyone with vision problems, dementia, or difficulty feeling small pimples. This remote control has big buttons, only 6: on / off, mute, high and low channel and high and low volume. The buttons also light up when pressed and stay lit for a few seconds, which is ideal at night in a dark room if you are scanning channels or if you have to press a different button. Large, easy-to-feel buttons that have good scrolling (movement) so you know when you press them. The remote control is easy to configure.

This remote control now works with standard TVs, cable direct-line TVs, and TVs with cable/satellite boxes. People with arthritis will find the Tek-Pal universal remote easy to hold and the large buttons easy to see.


  • The best gift for a loved one
  • Offers less misunderstanding,
  • 6 large lighted buttons


  • it is easy to use, but boring


2. Sony Universal Remote Control:

Sony’s universal remote control has all the essentials without extra bulk, offering simple but large buttons that are easy to see. You can control two devices, like a TV and a cable box, which is useful for the elderly as it reduces the bulk of the remote control.

The range of the remote control is also decent. You do not need to point the controller directly on the TV. If your angle is off, you can still use the buttons.

Although the buttons do not light, the volume and channel buttons seem different at hand, one concave and the other convex. The unique design even allows you to use the TV in the dark. This large button TV remote control is suitable for people with visual problems, as the buttons are tactile and colorful.

It comes with the ability to control two devices, the TV and the set-top box, as well as a lockout feature to keep your favorite channel list intact and safe from accidental reprogramming. The simplicity makes the universal remote control easy to use and an excellent television remote control for the elderly.


  • Pretty decent remote
  • Easy to do
  • Larger size of buttons


  • There is signals error


3. Flipper Big Button TV Remote for Elderly:

This Flipper remote unit comes with all of its features designed to meet the needs of the elderly for simple, trouble-free operation. This large button TV remote control is suitable for people with visual problems, as the buttons are tactile and colorful. It comes with the ability to control two devices, the TV and the set-top box, as well as a lockout feature to keep your favorite channel list intact and safe from accidental reprogramming.

It is very easy to configure, the remote control has a sliding section, just enter the correct codes for your TV and the Flipper is activated. The configuration buttons are hidden so that they cannot be activated accidentally.

This TV remote control allows you to configure up to 30 favorite channels. It is compatible with most infrared televisions, set-top boxes, and soundbars.


  • THREE key functions
  • It’s the perfect for gift to elderly
  • Low and impaired vision
  • Unique system


  • Quite messy


4. Hy-Tek bw-0561-rd Remote Control:

One of the most annoying things for the elderly is the “lost” remote control. Whether he slipped between the cushions or is completely irrelevant, nobody wants to wander trying to remember where he last saw him. The Hy-Tek BW0561 remote ends this dilemma.

The Hy-Tek BW0561 can replace up to four standard remote controls and can be used with televisions, VCRs, DVDs, cable boxes and satellites, and is compatible with most brands of infrared remote controls.

Due to its size, it is practically impossible to lose it. For those who forget, they will quickly see where the remote control is because of its size and shape. The size of the remote control, the buttons, and its simplicity make it an excellent TV remote control for seniors.


  • Large button,
  • Easy to read remote
  • It has controls for TV, DVD, VCR,



  • Messy keys


5. RCA RCR314WZ Remote Control:

The RCA RCR314WZ remote control is a great choice for replacing many older remote controls. It can work on different devices and do everything you need.

When creating this television remote control for the elderly, the designers placed buttons in the common sense areas. Keys are placed where you expect and the controller fits comfortably in your hand.

A unique feature of this senior remote control is that it has been designed for digital TV and HDTV, which means that it supports new features such as HDTV sub-channels. It also works with TV, satellite, cable and digital TV converter boxes. You can also access DVDs, VCRs, and DVRs with this remote control.

What makes it a great design for visually impaired users is the readability, the large buttons and the fact that some buttons are backlit. Plus, there aren’t too many buttons to confuse your elders which is very good.


  • Simplifies device
  • Automatic,
  • Branded,
  • it has manual and direct code search methods
  • Big Button remote


  • Sometime it became slow


6. Universal Big Button TV Remote:

The Big Button TV universal remote control is fairly simple in design, making it the best television remote control for the elderly. It includes 6 large green backlit buttons that include an on/off button, two volumes, two channels and a mute button, allowing the elderly to easily memorize the function of each button.

It is attached with a removable strap that wraps around the wrist so that your loved one does not lose it easily. This remote control works with most infrared televisions and cable boxes.

It comes with a “Quick Find” function which allows you to quickly find your TV code. You can also program your buttons for specific commands as desired from your TV or cable box remote control. Also it allows you to save and block your list of favourite channels, making it a good TV remote control for the elderly.


  • You can control both your TV and Cable Box (IR) with the same remote.
  • Stress free.
  • It is easy to navigate experience.
  • It has 6 Large, Bright, and Backlit.


  • It was a bit awkward


7. Fobis Technologies WE-XW Weemote X-TV Remote Control:

WE-XW Weemote X-TV Remote Control, With its minimalist design, provides all the basic functions you will need and offers very advanced learning functions. Perfect for children, the elderly, the disabled or users with technological problems. Program your favourite channels or “learn” the functions of your other remote controls. It is compatible with most brands of TVs.

The solid ABS plastic construction of the remote provides durability. You can hold this comfortably in your hand. It works for someone with Alzheimer’s by allowing them to use only the basic buttons on the TV. Easy to program 5 favourite channels, even digital channels that require a “-” or a “. (It can even be configured to operate 10 channels, but this makes it a little more complex for a disabled person), but such programming must be carried out by a caregiver. Apply space to place a small label or P-Touch label of the actual channel number on existing numbers 1 to 5 pre-printed on the buttons.

A disabled person can always access additional channels using the “scan up / down” button, they can also control the volume and turn on / off the TV. As with any device for a disabled person, everything depends on the disability of the person at the moment. This device is wonderful.


  • Perfect for every age
  • Multi-functional
  • Compatible
  • Strong ABS plastic construction
  • Durability
  • Fits easily inside your hand


  • Extremely lightweight


8. GE Big Button Universal Remote Control:

Relax and enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows with this easy-to-use GE big button universal remote control with an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold and large, easy-to-read buttons, which make navigation easier, which makes it particularly useful for visually impaired seniors and anyone who just wants a hassle-free entertainment experience. Consolidate control with a GE Big Button 2-device universal remote control.

No longer worry about keeping track of multiple controllers – the remote control is designed to control up to two devices, including the satellite soundbar of your Blu-ray Disc TV player and more Eliminate the hassle of programming multiple controllers and Enjoy a simple and easy to use configuration. It is pre-programmed to operate Samsung TVs and a comprehensive code library combines the remote control with all major brands of compatible equipment.

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The universal remote has an elegant brushed silver finish and has the main volume control that allows you to adjust the volume regardless of the device you use. For greater convenience, the large, simplified keyboard makes it easier to view the buttons. Organize your entertainment with a GE Big Button 2-device universal remote control with up to 3 components, including TVs, DVD / Blu-Ray players, soundbars, cable and satellite receivers, Roku, players multimedia streams and more.

Open or close a DVD or Blu-Ray player at the touch of a button. Compatible with all major brands, including LG, Sony, Vizio, Panasonic, Sharp, Insignia, Toshiba and more.


  • Relax and enjoyable
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Easy-to-read buttons
  • Helpful to seniors


  • Sometime it work slowly


9. QFX REM-115 Jumbo 8-1 Universal Remote Control:

The QFX jumbo universal remote will not only control up to eight separate devices, but it will also even pair automatically. And the oversized, glow-in-the-dark buttons could prevent a toe from blindly hitting the living room looking for a minor remote control. QFX is the market leader in consumer electronics, offering innovative product designs and exceptional performance to value-minded consumers without compromise.

With three decades at the forefront of quality electronics, QFX remains firm in its commitment to provide the latest audio systems, DJs and Bluetooth speakers, LED televisions and many other multimedia solutions for professionals, serving families, businesses, and everyone. Focused on the budget in the middle, top quality without breaking the bank. From the first-year dorm to a tailgate party, from the first apartment to the family home, QFX has the equipment you need at the price you want. Best remote for your seniors.


  • Controls up to 8 devices
  • fast setup
  • Available sleeper timer system
  • Large glow-in-the-dark-buttons


  • Small buttons


10. Sony RM-EZ4 2-Device Universal Remote:

The Sony RM-EZ4 is a large and slightly oversized remote control that can operate a TV and cable or satellite box. Although it has more buttons than the other remote controls listed in this article, the buttons are quite large, easy to read, and well-spaced.

However, I would not recommend this remote control for the elderly with dementia. But it would work well for the elderly who need easier-to-read buttons but want more functionality than a basic remote control.

It has two separate buttons to select the device to control: TV or cable/satellite decoder. The remote has Large buttons, with easy-to-use labels, for easy operations. It Can be used to control 2 devices, so it works with normal TVs and cable/satellite boxes.

The Commonly used buttons of the remote, such as volume and power buttons, are color-coded for easy identification. For remote battery cover is the most important factor to consider this device has a Large battery cover that easily detaches to replace used batteries.

A limitation of this remote control is that it is a pre-programmed remote control and if your TV or device is not programmed into the device, it will not work. Compatibility is very important while buying a remote. Therefore, you need to check if your TV is compatible with this remote control before selecting this one. But it can take a long time since it is already programmed with tons of device codes.


  • Soft touch
  • Easy to use
  • Most reasonable price


  • Buttons are more then demand



Seniors tend to watch a lot of television and the appropriate remote control allows you to enjoy the experience with minimal problems. With a lot of time and sometimes limited mobility, television behaves like a great artist. Seniors certainly appreciate their moments of entertainment. A universal remote control puts them in a control position, allowing them to change channels, adjust volume and perform other tasks with ease compared to using individual remote controls for each device.

Essentially, a good older TV remote will bring simplicity, peace of mind and efficiency during entertainment, and these are the things that older adults appreciate most. Seniors feel empowered when they receive a remote control that they can easily use without always seeking the help of others. Hopefully, this article will help you choose the best remote for your seniors and makes your life easy and peaceful.

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